Tips For Finding The Right 9mm Gun Holster

Finding The Right 9mm Gun Holster

Which Gun Holster Is Right For You?

9mm concealed carryIf you’re the type to carry concealed, then you probably have a pretty good handle on what kinds of pistols and revolvers are the right size for you. Some people enjoy going small with something as simple as a .32 snub nose revolver, while others like to carry around large hand cannons. However, most people tend to choose a 9mm pistol.

Because so many people choose 9mm pistols for concealed carry, there are a number of companies that will sell 9mm gun holsters. After all, there’s obviously a huge market for it. Unfortunately, with so many companies trying to make a quick buck, there are a huge number of terrible products out there.

How do you separate the good products from the bad? How can you make sure you’re not wasting your hard earned money on products that are just going to break down or wear out quickly? Luckily, there are a few things you can do.

Research Brands

While there may be a lot of different companies out there making and selling 9mm 9mm handgungun holsters, there are certain brands that stick around for a while. This is true of any product, where a few specific brands stand the test of time and continue on in creation for years. Gun holsters are no different.

That being the case, you can help yourself quite a bit by doing some research on the various brands that exist. The more brands you’re aware of, the better grasp you’ll have on what kind of products are out there. And more importantly, you’ll have a good idea of what brands people trust. Once you know that, you can start to make your decision.

Talk To Someone In Person

9mm Shoulder holsterOn one hand, a holster is a holster. They’re all more or less the same, and work in more or less the same way. So buying one sight unseen from the internet isn’t the worst idea in the world.

However, there’s benefit in going to your local gun shop or gun show and checking out some holsters in person. While you can get the dimensions of a holster and see pictures of it, that doesn’t really tell you how well it will fit. You won’t know if it tries to situate weirdly on your belt, or can’t be fastened for some reason you can’t identify.

If you do this, you’ll be better able to make a decision on what kind of holster works for you. After all, having the right fit is perhaps the most important aspect of comfortable conceal and carry.

One of the best holsters for 9mm conceal carry is the Brave Response holster. It can hold pretty much any semi-auto and quite a few revolvers as well. It also fits like a belt around your waist, so that it stays on and stays comfortable.

Ultimately, buying the right gun holster is a matter of doing your research. But so many people check online, see a cheap price, and buy a product without thinking. Then they wonder why their holster is starting to wear out so quickly. If you take your time and research what’s out there, you’ll be able to avoid this fate. You’ll know exactly how well your new holster will hold up, and you can get the most for your money.