Why Are The In Waistband Holsters So Popular?

Why Are The In Waistband Holsters So Popular These Days?

How much better are they than normal holsters?

in waistband holster for ccDo you like the “in waistband holsters” that are for sale? They look pretty neat, but are they even comfortable? The first problem I see with them is that the product pages don’t always first show what they look like. However, they show how they are hidden, and the product specs do talk about how they are supposed to be comfortable. It is up to you if you want to get one, or is it? Can regular people with a concealed carry permit use one of these holsters?

It is sometimes mentioned that these holsters are only for law in waistband holsterenforcement officials. Does this go for all of the in waistband holsters? Do you need to look at your specific state laws in order to know? If you can use a holster that fits inside your waistband, is it going to be your choice way to carry a gun?

Even if the holster is supposed to be comfortable, you have to compare that type of carry to other more traditional holsters out there. Is there a reason to avoid one of the holsters that fit inside your waistband? They can make it more difficult for a person to grab your gun or even know you are carrying one. At the same time, they make it harder for you to grab your gun quickly, too, at least you would think.

CC in waistband holsterStill, that doesn’t mean that these holsters aren’t popular and don’t come with their advantages. They are appealing for a variety of reasons. Do they sell as much as traditional holsters? How long have they been on the market? If you think that one of them would work best for you, it is time to look at the subtle differences in style and design among them.

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